Goodness, I have so much to write about this week and hope you can sit with me, get outside if you can, and enjoy spring. I have so many accolades to give a huge thumbs up to!

To Farmers Union Coop, Dave Forrester and crew, thank you for the milk giveaway last week; to the Greencastle Food Bank, the G-A School District and those individuals and churches placing non-perishable items about the town helping feed those in need, thank you; to WRGG Radio, G-A students and school officials, thank for the virtual prom this past Saturday night.

To the bell ringers, churches, and front porch participants, members of Greencastle Council and Antrim Township Supervisors, thank for participating or enjoying the Bells Across G-A this past Sunday evening. Thank you to Rescue Hose Company volunteers for hosting the apparatus apron view Sunday evening so our citizens could drive by and show their appreciation to you, our first-responders, health care workers and all of the logistics men and women to make sure we have essential and necessary life sustaining products and services in our community.

Thank you to Council Vice President Larry Faight and Flowers Foods for organizing the bread and Tastykake giveaway starting at 8 a.m. this Wednesday (May 6) at the G-A High School where 600 family packs will be handed out using CDC guidelines.

Thank you for calling family, friends and neighbors every day. This “old fashioned communication” is wonderful and so supportive.

To the National Day of Prayer Committee and junior G-AHS student Brandon Sidoli, thank you for organizing this week’s Virtual National Day of Prayer. I talked to Brandon before he began digitally filming me. He’s actually getting his student experience community service hours to graduate next year with this project, however, there’s no doubt in my mind that he would have provided his talents anyway. Thanks, Brandon.  

Soon I’ll be writing about Memorial Day. Due to COVID-19 our parade and memorial service have been canceled. Growing up in a Gold Star Family, I’ll write about what this special time means to me. I’ll encourage you to commemorate May 25 with your own family Memorial Day service. I pray that our community Veterans’ Day ceremony Nov. 11 will be held and include the importance of remembering those who have served and paid the ultimate sacrifice. 

You know as much as Tina and I enjoy watching baseball games, the highlight of the summer season is watching the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pa. I not only enjoy watching the team building talent and worldwide support, but the wonderful memories of my youth playing Little League baseball and hitting that home run over the center field fence. We’ll just have to continue being patient and wait another year for these wonderful times that will return. 

Last week I briefly wrote about a wonderful local publication about our Greencastle “Cavalcade of Champions” athletes beginning after the Civil War. The Middleburg Flyers (State Line) played in the independent and Washington County, Maryland, baseball leagues. They played high schools, Mercersburg Academy and Scotland School for Veterans’ Children. They won the championship in 1947. The authors indicate high school baseball teams began in 1921, coached by B. S. Whitmore, James H. Craig and H.W. Davison.

I recognize the names of these players in the late 1930s. Many would leave the Greencastle High School located in the first block of South Washington Street and serve in various military branches in World War II. Harry Zeigler grew up at 129 Addison Ave. and was quite an athlete with baseball and basketball. He was active at his Greencastle church and community. Living just blocks from the fire station — then located where the police department is now — the Zeigler family was very active with the Rescue Hose Company. His dad and uncle were drivers of the Seagraves (yes, two of them) and would respond to the North Washington Street fire station when the fire bell would sound. Seaman Zeigler joined the Navy right out of high school and would be the first to give his life during the Battle of Coral Sea May 9, 1942. This week is the 78th anniversary of Greencastle native, Seaman Harry D. Zeigler’s ultimate sacrifice to this great nation. Other athletes listed on the rosters of the 1940s and 1950s would become our local business and civic leaders.

So, Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf and Health Secretary Levine ... when are you going to allow Greencastle area businesses to reopen? Certainly realizing our health and safety is most important, I’m being contacted by business owners who have been forced to close for nearly two months now and desperately desire to reopen using Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. Our residents continue to be forced to drive out of town to the big boxes. Florida is a common sense example how to restart the economy. Their construction and public projects were never shut down and accelerated using CDC health and safety practices while there were very few vehicles on the road. Their public projects are being done faster and, most likely, at less costs.  

 So thanks for reading. Let’s sit a spell again next week. We are blessed!