WASHINGTON, D.C. — Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to visit Manitowoc Cranes in Shady Grove on Thursday, Aug. 1.

According to a press release from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and Manitowoc on Tuesday, Pence will discuss the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement and how the trade deal will benefit Pennsylvania and all of America.

"Pence will address over 1,000 Manitowoc employees regarding the critical urgency to ratify the USMCA," according to the release. "Ratifying the USMCA will create jobs, secure access to the equipment manufacturing industry's two largest export markets, and ensure North America's manufacturing competitiveness."

The release continued, "Equipment manufacturers support 1.5 million jobs in the U.S. and Canada. Overall, there are 12 million U.S. jobs across the country that are supported by trade with Canada and Mexico. A study by the United State International Trade Commission shows the USMCA would create an additional 176,000 U.S. jobs and add $68 billion to the U.S. economy."

The USMCA has been agreed to, but is not yet ratified or implemented.

No further details about Pence's visit were included in the release.