About 30 people filled the chairs at Monday's Greencastle Borough Council meeting, most of them upset about recent letters telling them they need to install curbs and sidewalks by the end of 2019.

Several areas of the borough are facing the requirement under a plan put in place in 2011, but most of the people at Monday's meeting live in the Baumgardner Drive area.

"The grand plan in 2011 was to connect the entire borough and downtown," said Eden Ratliff, borough manager. "There are a lot of challenges with 2019 implementation."

Public working, problem-solving meetings between borough staff and residents are planned at 7 p.m. every Thursday from Jan. 10 to Feb. 7 at the Rescue Hose Co. fire hall on South Washington Street. Different meetings will focus on different areas, but anyone is welcome to attend any meeting, Ratliff said.

"We can't put in sidewalks because we have no storm sewer," said Tim Fetterhoff of 180 Baumgardner Drive. "The water runs down the road and it will have nowhere to go."

Other residents said they heard rumors or had been told Baumgardner residents would not have to install curbs and sidewalks, while others highlighted poor workmanship on the ones recently placed along Walter Avenue.

"I have a slant, it's going to require major excavation, take a lot of my yard and our privacy," said Darrell Miller of 38 Baumgardner Drive, who added the area does not see a lot of foot traffic.

"It doesn't make a lot of sense to put new sidewalks in an old development, it wasn't built that way," said Kendra Pheil of 30 Baumgardner Drive. "This was voted on in 2011, I hope you gentlemen here today will see what a waste of money it is. There are no sidewalks on Route 11 and that sees a lot more foot traffic than Baumgardner."

Councilmen should determine "what's necessary and what isn't — sidewalks are not necessary," Pheil said to a chorus of "amen" from the audience.

Joe Henson, who lives on Osbourne Avenue in the Campion development, talked about the number of transformers and utility poles that will have to be moved to install curbs and sidewalks in various parts of the borough.

Ratliff said staff members have already been talking about the issues brought up by residents, including storm water, transformers and work quality. He encouraged people to attend the Thursday night sidewalk sessions in the fire hall.

"The meetings are planning meetings with staff to provide information on the requirements of the program and answers questions related to implementation," Ratliff said. "We look forward to informed discussion and addressing implementation challenges."

Steve Miller, council president, said sidewalk requirements are "a legacy thing" and many current members were not on council when they were passed.

Councilman Duane Kinzer said, "All of us at this table aren't in agreement with what we're doing."

Meeting schedule 

Area #1

Baumgardner Neighborhood

Jan. 10

Area #2

Heritage Estates Neighborhood

Jan. 17

Area #3

Town & Country

Jan. 24

Area #4

Moss Spring Neighborhood

Jan. 31

Area #5

Remainder of Town

Feb. 7