Rezoning, truck terminals and a property cleanup were among the items covered at the Antrim Township supervisors meeting Tuesday.


A hearing on rezoning parts of Bemisderfer Road is on the agenda for Oct. 23.

A change from highway commercial to community commercial is being requested for land from Route 16 to Frederick Drive. The lots have frontage on both Bemisderfer and Grindstone Hill roads, according to Sylvia House, zoning officer.

The change would allow the land to be marketed for wider use, including housing. The Sheetz property at the corner of Route 16 and Grindstone Hill Road will remain highway commercial.

It was also proposed to make the properties from Frederick Drive to the water tower community commercial. However, homeowners on that stretch want their properties to go to the more restrictive R-2 residential zoning.

"We like it the way it is,"said Fred Frederick, who was accompanied by a number of his neighbors. "We have a great neighborhood."

While homes would still be allowed in the community commercial zone, so would things like hotels, retail, warehouses and restaurants.

"It doesn't fit," said Frederick.

Frederick said community commercial rezoning to the north of Frederick Drive is OK is because the property is undeveloped and that would give the owners greater options.

The rezoning process will also include other requests, one from Martin's Farm Trucks near State Line to for a recently purchased tract from residential to highway commercial and another to change a single lot on Angle Road from agricultural to residential.

House will prepare the ordinance, owners will receive letters and the properties will be posted prior to the public hearing.

Truck terminals 

Two truck terminals received leeway on landscaping requirements. Both A. Duie Pyle and Hoffman Transport requested modifications from the landscaped islands in parking area.

It can be a problem to have landscaped islands in the truck areas because trucks run over the islands or knock down trees, House said. However, they will need to work in more greenery somewhere to comply with overall landscaping percentages.

A. Duie Pyle opened at service center at 16125 Business Parkway, Hagerstown, Monday, Aug. 13 and is planning to construct an integrated logistics center near Interstate 81 and U.S. 11 just south of Greencastle, according to a news release from public relations representative.

Nothing has been filed with the township yet, but House has heard the logistics center is proposed on the east side of U.S. 11 in the area of Commerce Avenue.

 Hoffman Transport has filed a land development plan adjacent to its existing facility off Mason-Dixon Road, but House has not had an opportunity to review it.


Supervisors agreed not to pursue a complaint against Paul's Fur Shed at 446 Buchanan Trail West and they are satisfied with the cleanup job Paul Strausner has done.

It was a neighbor's complaints about the property early in 2017 that prompted a new township solid waste ordinance, which was enacted late last year. Enforcement at the property began in March.

"I'm satisfied with the job he has done," said Chairman Chad Murray. "Just don't let it deteriorate."

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