Questionnaires were sent to Judy Ward and Dan Kiss who are vying for the Republican nomination for the 30th District seat in the Pennsylvania Senate in the May 15 primary election.

Emily Best is unopposed in her bid for the Democratic nomination.

The seat is currently held by John Eichelberger Jr., who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives.

In Franklin County, the 30th District covers Greencastle, Mercersburg and Antrim, Fannett, Metal, Montgomery, Peters, St. Thomas and Warren townships. The district also includes all of Blair and Fulton counties and parts of Cumberland and Huntingdon counties.

Dan Kiss 


Age: 37

Profession: Attorney at Law Offices of Steven P. Passarello, Esq., P.C. 2013-Present, Assistant District Attorney at Blair County District Attorney's Office 2008-2013

Education: Windber Area High School 1999, Susquehanna University 2003 (B.A. Political Science), Ohio Northern Pettit College of Law 2007 (J.D.)

Professional Organizations: American Bar Association, Pennsylvania Bar Association, Blair County Bar Association, F&A Masons Lodge #538 (Greater Johnstown), Young Professionals of the Alleghenies

Volunteer Organizations: Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive, March of Dimes, organize Christmas card drive for overseas troops

Spouse: Holly who is in school for American Sign Language and raises our son

Children: 22 month old son named Joseph

1. What inspired you to seek this office? 

I am running for State Senate because I believe in people. I believe that any elected official’s singular most important duty is to work for the people in their district. It is not to become a career politician or to take special interest money. It is to answer to you and work for you. I have limited myself to two terms and I have not taken a penny of special interest money. I'm the only candidate who can say either of those things. My job is to be a steward for you and to get to work for you and that is my only promise - to work for you and always put the interests and values of this area first.

2. What do you believe are the top three issues relevant to Franklin County? 

Two issues that are important to Franklin County are also important to the rest of the state. One is the exploding state budget. Contrary to what many of our elected officials in Harrisburg will tell you, we have not stopped Gov. Wolf. Every year our spending has gone up and every year our Legislature proudly proclaims they are standing up to the Governor only to increase the budget while all of us citizens are told that it’s some major victory. Immediately we need zero-base budgeting and force the government to prove to the taxpayers the money they need.

A second issue is the opioid crisis. Heroin does not care if you are young or old, rich or poor, it simply kills you or puts you in prison. We must get a handle on this problem and not by throwing money at it like Governor Wolf wishes. Instead we must get back into our schools and teach kids beginning in late elementary school onward about the power and dangers of these drugs. Our law enforcement and first responders are begging to speak to children and we must let them show what will happen if you use these drugs. Get them educated early and we give them the tools to fight off the temptation later. For those already addicted we need to give public-private partnership treatment options to them which are little to no cost. We need to be able to get involvement in the lives of pregnant women who abuse drugs so that child is not poisoned for nine months and not born addicted. Finally, we need to ensure that those who sell drugs for profit are put where they belong: Jail.

A final issue important to Franklin County is a local issue. The Transource power line issue is an extremely divisive issue in Franklin County. Private property ownership is one of the most critical rights we enjoy and one of the founding causes of the American Revolution. We must hold fast to the idea that property cannot be taken without just compensation and should only be taken when absolutely necessary for the public good. I have yet to be convinced that power lines that will not bring one penny of good to Franklin County is a just reason to take and use private land.

3. Why should someone vote for you? 

I am the best candidate for State Senate because of who I am, what I have done, and what I will do. I have been a prosecutor who put the worst of society in jail - those who sexually abuse children. I have fought for gun owners, for churches, and against large corporations such as UPMC. I have not been afraid of any fight and have taken on the battles against bigger and better funded opponents. I share our conservative values and I am the only candidate to have fought in court to challenge restrictions on gun ownership, to challenge laws that prevent drug testing and treatment of women who abuse drugs while pregnant, and I am the only candidate who has experience in reading and writing the law. On day one I can hit the ground running and be able to write legislation that makes sense, works for everyday Pennsylvanians, and that will withstand our liberal Supreme Court. I have always been a voice for those without a voice or without the means to be heard. I have not been bought by the special interest groups nor will I be because my promise is to you and not to them. I am the only candidate that can say that. I am the best candidate because I am more than just a voting record: I have the passion, the fire, the drive, and the ability to stand tall to the Harrisburg Swamp. I'll be a voice for you, a voice for us all!

Judy Ward 


My name is Judy Ward. I was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, graduated from Hollidaysburg High School and earned a diploma in nursing from Altoona Hospital School of Nursing. Today, I am lucky enough to live just up the street from my 95 year old mother who still lives in the house in which I grew up. I am the proud mother of two sons – Bill Jr. who graduated from the United States Naval Academy and Adam from Penn State – and have been married to my husband Bill for 33 years. Before entering public service as a State Representative in 2014, I had a long professional career as a nurse, a small business owner, and a Health Coordinator for our family business helping people navigate the maze of ObamaCare. As a State Representative, I have built a proven record of standing up for the conservative principles that are the foundation of Pennsylvania. I stopped the Governor’s disastrous income and sales tax increases that would have hurt our families. I have supported job creators so they can grow our economy. I have fought for fair funding for our schools, and fair treatment for rural Pennsylvanians – including our agricultural community that drives the state economy. Most importantly, every single day I have been in the legislature, I have been an independent voice working from our community – standing up to the special interests to do what is right for those I represent. I also chose not to take the taxpayer-funded pension or per diems as an example of my commitment to public service.

1. What inspired you to seek this office? 

I chose to run for State Senator for the same reason I chose to enter public service just four years ago: to help people and give back to the communities that have meant so much to me and my family. As a State Representative, I have proven my ability to be an independent voice while still delivering for the people of my district, and to be a strong conservative leader. I will not need “training wheels” in the state Senate.

My inspiration for serving has always been – and will continue to be – the people I serve. I entered public service not as a career, but as a way to give back to the community that has given so much to me. I had a long and fulfilling professional career before running for office, and I am not looking to move up the political ladder. My only goal is to be able to help more people as Senator than I currently can as Representative.

 2. What do you believe are the top three issues relevant to Franklin County? 

I believe the three top issues relevant to Franklin County are: ensuring communities are treated fairly when it comes to state funding – especially for education; addressing traffic and congestion on the I-81 corridor; and delivering property tax relief to homeowners, particularly our seniors.

As Representative, I helped push through a new education funding formula that treats all communities more fairly while at the same time helping increase education funding without raising income or sales taxes. I also voted for public pension reform that will save property taxpayers billions of dollars in the long-run, as well as reforms that make it harder for school districts to increase property taxes. Finally, I have been a strong supporter for infrastructure improvements that help reduce traffic and improve local roads.

 3. Why should someone vote for you? 

I think, first, because I have proven I can do the job and that I do it for the right reasons. As State Representative, I have a positive record of accomplishment on conservative issues – from stopping Governor Wolf’s tax increases to helping pass laws that better protect the unborn, and everything in between. Second, because I am not a politician. I entered public service less than four years ago after a long and fulfilling professional career to help people. I am running for Senate to help even more people. As I have done for the past four years as Representative – and to prove my commitment to reforming government and public service – I will refuse the taxpayer-paid pension, per diems and perks.