Corey Raymo is an elite competitor and personal trainer who wants to make fitness accessible to anyone of any age.

He's offering that at the bricks-and-mortar location of No Time To Lose Fitness, which opened this week at 151 N. Carlisle St. in Greencastle.

The big open space is devoid of strength-training equipment and is covered with half-inch foam flooring.

"The idea is to show people how much they can get done without having to invest in equipment and what you can do with your own body weight," said Raymo, noting light equipment like hula hoops, flags and resistance balls is available.

The idea is also to show that fitness is for everyone.

Half of Raymo's classes are for youths and half are for adults, with level 1 and level 2 for each group.

Level 1 is a basic place to start for someone currently doing nothing.

Some parents know their children aren't active and are afraid to embarrass them at a class. They will learn very simple, basic movements that hit the core muscles, but feel like play.

"You have to walk before you can run," said Raymo.

Level 2 is higher in intensity, but still fun, and can work for everyone up to the most advanced athletes.

The space is outfitted with a projection screen and high-definition projector for inspirational pictures, slide shows and movies.

Kids games, such projecting bugs on walls so they can throw balls at them, will show how they can use electronics to be active.

Raymo developed a passion for working with young people when a woman in his neighborhood asked him to help her autistic son.

The boy would say it hurt to write. His mother did research and narrowed the problem down to upper body weakness. Raymo helped strengthen his shoulders and worked on mental toughness.

"Now he's writing and more active and more confident," said Raymo.

Young people today spend more time with electronics and are heavier and less active. The trends in youth diabetes and obesity are scary, according to Raymo, who has earned the certifications and clearances required to work with young people.

The new location is the latest step for Raymo since he lost his job at JLG in November 2016 and began dedicating more time to being a personal trainer and competing in Spartan races.

The new location is a branch of and shares its name with Raymo's personal training business. He noted he's dabbled in exercise bootcamps and now has a facility dedicated to group workouts.

He starting simple to see where demand goes, and sees the possibilities of private parties, morning sessions for stay-at-home moms and lunchtime blitzes.

Raymo, who was featured last summer on NBC'S "Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge," also is entering a new realm of competition. Spartan races involve a variety of obstacles and varying distances.

He's planning the 2018 season, just turned 40 and aims to be topped ranked in the U.S. among 40-plus competitors.

While he's aiming for the top, Raymo still has fun at local Spartan races with daughter, Maicey, 9, and son Cayde, 6. His wife, Malinda, who he calls chairman of the board, is a certified sports nutritionist and No Time To Lose Fitness also is an authorized vendor of Fitaid, a low-cal workout and active lifestyle recovery beverage.

For more information, call 717-491-4728 or visit