1. Attend the annual Holocaust Memorial Service

The 39th annual Holocaust Memorial Service for the Franklin County area, sponsored by the United Churches of the Chambersburg Area, will be held Sunday, April 23, at 3 p.m. at Congregation Sons of Israel Synagogue, 209 E. King St., Chambersburg.

The event will be led by Rabbi Robert S. Green of Congregation Sons of Israel, with the participation of local clergy and laity. The interfaith service will include hymns and Scripture, as well as poems, memorial readings and reminiscences.

The speaker will be Peter Gorog, born Peter Gruenwald in Budapest, Hungary, on March 10, 1941. His father died one year later serving in a forced labor battalion in the Ukraine. When German forces invaded Hungary in March 1944, he and his mother Olga found refuge with a Christian friend. She was arrested, but escaped. They hid in the Budapest ghetto until liberated by Soviet forces in January 1945.

He grew up in Communist Hungary, changing his name due to anti-Semitic discrimination. He earned a master of science degree in electrical engineering, participating in the design of the first Hungarian-made computer. Gorog defected to the United States in 1980, and worked on NASA projects such as GOES, LANDSAT, Hubble and the James Webb Space telescope. He retired in 2014 and is a volunteer at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Music will be presented by the Alle Zingun Klezmer Trio. Songs from the Jewish tradition, some composed during the Holocaust, will be sung during the service. David Wenerd will serve as director of music.

Joining with the United Churches as co-sponsors are the Evangelical Fellowship of Cumberland Valley, the Chambersburg Ministerium, and the Chambersburg Ministerial Alliance.

The service will be followed by a reception in the social hall of the synagogue. The service and reception are open to the public.

For further information, contact Rabbi Robert S. Green at 973-518-4915, Cheryl Wauls at 717-264-9064, the Rev. William Harter at 717-264-3828 or the Rev. Peter Emig at 717-263-3616.

2. Go to Renfrew on opening day

Renfrew Museum and Park will kick off its 2017 season on Saturday, April 22, with an informal reception beginning at 11 a.m. in the visitors center. The museum house and summer kitchen will be open and free to the public for walk-through tours.

Opening day will coincide with the kickoff of Renfrew’s Women Through History program that will run through June 30. The exhibit will reflect on the lives of the women who lived at Renfrew during the 1800s and 1900s up through Emma Nicodemus. Renfrew will highlight the impact women had on history with their various jobs and duties. Many items in the exhibit are on loan from people in the community, including quilts, kitchen items, jewelry, sewing kits, samplers, dresses, books, photos and coats

For more information call Renfrew sat 717-762-4723 or visit the websitewww.renfrewmuseum.org.

3. See and hear student performers in the spotlight

Cumberland Valley School of Music plans to hold its annual Recognition Concert at 3 p.m. Sunday, April 23, featuring the student recipients of the Merit Awards Scholarships, the recipient of the Henry and Janet Guarriello Scholarship, and graduating seniors who plan to major or minor in a performance art.

 Free and open to the public, the concert will take place at the Thomson Alumnae Chapel on the Wilson College Campus, 1015 Philadelphia Ave., Chambersburg.

 According to Paula Hepfer, CVSM executive director, the Merit Awards Scholarship process was formed during the earliest years of the 27-year-old school’s existence.

"All participating students benefit from the merit audition process, not only those named in the top spots. Performing before a panel of judges serves as a powerful motivator to prepare diligently,” Hepfer said. “The audition itself requires courage and develops poise under pressure, and the judges' feedback provides direction to future studies direction.”

 To determine the Merit winners, students auditioned on Saturday, April 1. Students in instrumental, piano and voice categories presented pieces they prepared before three judges.

For additional information, call 717-261-1220 or visit www.cvsmusic.org.