With the Waynesboro Area Middle School construction project coming to a close, tours have started up for both the current WAMS teachers and the sixth grade teachers who are soon to be at the middle school.

It's been a long, loud road at times, with jackhammering right outside the former nurse's office to admin space being relocated three times.

But in the end, it's been a relatively smooth transition and employees who are getting a new workspace say that the move has been more than worth it.

"The other health room was so small that I couldn't even move my chair or open my desk without standing up first," said Jennifer Rowney, the school nurse. "[The transition] was fine and this is a much nicer space other than not having a bathroom."

Rowney is one of the people who have been temporarily displaced while the current administration space is being remodeled. Her nurse's office is currently situated in one of the science labs that was recently built and once her new nursing space is finished she'll have the best of both worlds: more office space and a bathroom for sick students.

Also inconvenienced by the construction were those who worked in the administration offices.

"It's nothing but concrete where we used to be, but it's been a great transition. It has been a positive change. We've moved and the kids have moved with us," said Mary Fleagle, who among other duties mans the reception desk at the front office.

Fleagle says that one of the best aspects of the move has been the resilience of the students. Despite low-hanging parts of the ceiling, people being rerouted for construction and a cafeteria that wasn't fully open at the start of the school year none of the kids have complained about feeling lost.

"While everything is a little different now it's also exciting," Fleagle added.

The end of the school year is coming up on May 25 and the building will be completely finished and ready for the incoming sixth grade class before it opens up again for the 2017-18 school year.

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