Rejected works by about 20 local artists will have a chance to shine a one-night alternative art show and sale.

If at first you don't succeed, try putting together an all-new show.

About 20 Erie area artists will do just that during Friday's Reject Show, a tongue-in-cheek alternative art display and sale featuring works not selected for the Erie Art Museum's 94th annual Spring Show.

This year's Spring Show, now on display, features only 113 of the 576 works submitted from artists around the region.

But the Reject Show, based on the first Salon des Refusés exhibition in Paris in 1863, isn't necessarily meant to be critical of museum's annual juried exhibit, assured show organizer and artist Kris Risto. 

"We don't want to be mean-spirited to the museum, where most of us are members and patrons," he said. "Can you imagine sitting there going through 500 pieces of art and having to select 100? It's quite an undertaking.

"It's nothing to be taken personally. That happens. Not everyone gets in every year."

Instead, this year's Reject Show, like similar past events around Erie, is simply another way for local artists to share their work. Among them will be Risto, Deborah Sementelli, John Vahanian, Mary Birdsong, Jennifer Terry, Carol Posch Comstock, Sandy Shellenberger, Bryan Toy, Marsha Cisek, Jamie Borowicz and Justin Elliot Poole.

"It's an excuse to have more art hanging up," Risto said. "If one door is closed, you can just open it up and make your own thing happen."


The Reject Show, an art display and sale featuring several Erie-area artists, takes place Friday, 7 p.m., at The Studio at St. Mary's, 310 E. 10th St. Admission is free. For more details, visit


The street address for The Studios at St. Mary's, 310 E. 10th St., was incorrect in previous versions of this article.