“An EASTER WISH for you” is the title of a card I received in the mail from our two cousins and their family, who live near Butler. As I opened the card I saw the words, “May all the little joys of springtime be yours.” Underneath was the picture of a cross filled with spring flowers and in the center of the cross were the words "Easter Blessings."

My eyes immediately went to the message she had written on the other side: "Saw on the news that Sara’s opened and that my sister wanted to know if her cousins went for some ice cream!” Sara’s is a place all of us love to go in the summer. She went on, “Think of you often, hope all is well and have a wonderful Easter with your family.”

This card and message caused me to not only remember those good times, but also the good news of our faith: Easter Blessings. Easter Blessings are those moments when God unexpectedly comes, lifting us above and beyond ourselves, and gives us a new understanding, heading us in an entirely different direction.

Mary Magdalene discovered this new direction in her encounter with the risen Christ in the garden that day. (John 20:1-18) Supposing him to be the gardener, her tears of mourning were turned into tears of joy in her encounter with the risen Lord! Mary was to go and share her Easter Blessing, “I have seen the Lord.”

What about us, are we sharing our Easter Blessings?

Let us pray: O God, you have called us to live in your love and grace as disciples of the Lord. Grant that we may share this Easter Blessing in his name with those about us this day. Amen.  

Reflections is a column by religious leaders in the region. The Rev. Carl Hull is an honorably retired minister in the Presbytery of Lake Erie.