Could the new Trump administration save the vaping industry from its fears of being regulated into oblivion by the Food and Drug Administration?

Gregory Conley, a top vaping spokesman, says it might happen.

Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, said the signs continue to point to favorable treatment for vaping by the administration. But nothing definite has been announced.

It may be too early to look for such an announcement, Conley said, because Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Trump’s nominee to lead the FDA, hasn’t yet been confirmed.

Both Tom Price, secretary of Health and Human Services; and Gottlieb, the FDA director nominee, have taken stands that appear sympathetic to the vaping industry, Conley said.

Salad shortage could last until May

California's farmers have been plagued by drought in recent years but the problem in 2017 is too much rain. That has squeezed U.S. salad supplies and it may be a several more weeks before supermarket shelves are fully stocked again.

Warmer-than-usual weather meant the winter growing season ended early in southern California and western Arizona. That was followed by heavy rain, pushing back planting in coastal regions of California, which is the largest U.S. fruit and vegetable producer.

The delays have led to shortfalls of crops including lettuce and broccoli and sent wholesale prices soaring. The cost of a carton of 30 celery heads has almost tripled since early February to $25, U.S. Department of Agriculture data show.

A carton of 36 hearts of romaine lettuce jumped to about $52 as of April 18, more than four times the cost last year.