For now, Netflix Inc. investors can have rapid subscriber growth or a big jump in profit — not both.

The streaming-video giant reported first-quarter user gains that fell short of estimates because there wasn't a "House of Cards"-style hit to draw new viewers. On the other hand, the lack of big-budget productions boosted income. Next quarter, with the return of "House of Cards" and three major movies on the release schedule, profit will miss estimates while customer gains will improve, Netflix said.

The world's biggest paid video service signed 4.95 million new customers last quarter, less than the 5.49 million analysts were expecting. It'll make up some of that in the current period, with a forecast for viewer growth that beat analysts' forecasts.

Netflix needs to add millions of subscribers every quarter to help pay for the billions of dollars the company spends making TV shows and movies or licensing programs from others.

Harley sales are slowing

Harley-Davidson Inc. reported slowing motorcycle sales in almost every region, underscoring the company's demand challenges against a strong U.S. dollar.

Motorcycle revenue fell 16 percent to $1.33 billion in the first quarter, shy of the $1.35 billion average estimated by analysts. Bike sales fell 5.7 percent in the crucial U.S. market and 4.2 percent worldwide as only Latin America — the company's smallest market — increased deliveries.
The iconic American brand is caught up in currency headwinds that are out of its control.

A strong dollar effectively lowers the price of competitors' foreign-made bikes sold in the U.S. and reduces the profits Harley earns on motorcycles sold overseas.