Antrim Township will revisit plans to redo part of Castlegreen Drive after three residents questioned the scope and fairness of the project at Tuesday night’s meeting.

“We’ll have a pow-wow and get back to you gentlemen,” Chairman Rick Baer said after Mike Murray, Paul Mathers and Andrew Lewis talked to the supervisors.

The western side of Castlegreen Drive — to the right entering the development Greencastle Greens Golf Course — is among the roads on the list to be tarred and chipped this year. Those materials are then covered with a sealant or fog coat that looks like blacktop.

The intent was to cover the 20-foot roadway, as well as the 3-foot shoulders on either side. Brad Graham, township administrator, said the president of the development’s homeowners association asked the township to address the uniformity of the width of the road and berms.

Mailboxes, driveways, landscaping and lampposts in the township right-of-way would be affected by covering the berms.

However, some exceptions were being considered, including masonry mailboxes and paver or stamped driveways that are in the right-of-way.

“Are we going with 26 feet or aren’t we?” asked Murray. “My concern is uniformity.”

Mathers asked if widening the road by covering the berm makes sense financially. He has lived in the development for almost 15 years and “it never crossed my mind that the road was not uniform.”

Lewis said his driveway and mailbox are not affected “but I do have a problem widening it just to make it look the same.”

Several options were discussed, from only working on areas where erosion is occurring to extending the scope of the project to include the east end of Castlegreen Drive so the whole road is done at once.

The road committee will meet to review different options then the township will get in touch with residents.

Graham said he expects the committee will meet soon. The contractor is not scheduled to be there until September so changes are not an issue.